Oasis Semiconductor, Inc., is an exciting start-up semiconductor company focused on creating ASICs for the high volume office automation market.

The office automation market is undergoing profound changes, creating multiple opportunities for Oasis to build a thriving, sustainable business. Office automation OEMs build printers, fax machines, scanners and copiers. Increasingly, these formerly separate functions are being integrated into single devices, often called MFPs (Multi-Functional-Peripherals) or All-In-Ones. Oasis' opportunity lies in the integration of these multiple functions into a single ASIC, which OEMs adopt because of its speed and low system cost.

Oasis powered MFPs are breaking the $200 price barrier. At $199, MFPs become substitutes for stand alone ink jet printers and fax machines, so MFP volumes will begin to soar. MFP volumes will soon be in the tens of millions and Oasis will be one of the few key suppliers of image processing and system control solutions.

Oasis is growing rapidly to support current and expected design wins for Oasis' DigiColor OA-980 ASIC. Oasis is also working on our next generation product, which will bring even more value to our OEM customers. Check out the "Employment" section for job openings.

Oasis Semiconductor, Inc.

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